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We are very thankful to have wonderful partners who provide specialized enrichment opportunities for our IMAGINE programs.
Let's Play & Namaste

Fall 2017 Registration Information:
Registration for IMAGINE Programs begins with a phone call to our office to discuss a schedule request.  Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and a schedule must be established.  Please call our office today to discuss the details of enrolling your child in The IMAGINE Program, 603-669-3591.

The IMAGINE Program provides clubs-based enrichment programs for school age children in grades Kindergarten through Sixth.  During after school hours, vacation days and weeks, as well as summer weeks, children in the IMAGINE Program will learn to make healthy choices in a supportive, non-competitive environment!

There are five components of the IMAGINE program which reflect New Morning Schools' tenets of developing healthy bodies and minds in a non-competitive environment.  At the IMAGINE Program, children are empowered to make their own choice about what activities to do, based upon the specific focus of that day, the child’s individual interests and energy levels.  IMAGINE staff guide children toward making informed, healthy choices. 

Limited Enrollment
The IMAGINE Program has limited enrollment and pre-payment is required. Students must be fully registered to confirm their spot in the IMAGINE Program, and attendance must be scheduled in advance.
IMAGINE Outdoors
The IMAGINE Outdoorsprovides opportunities for students to explore and grow in the outdoor environment.  Students are encouraged to play games, exercise and use their imaginations while outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions. IMAGINE Outdoors  has elements of exercise, playground games, survival challenges and creative endeavors.  On any given day, children may build fairy houses or shelters, play capture the flag or participate in a track challenge.  In the winter time, we students playing outside wear snow gear in order to enjoy the numerous building projects and adventures in the snow!  During summer months, students are asked to bring water clothes to participate in water play activities.

The IMAGINE Gym  provides opportunities for students to exercise in a variety of ways.  Skill development programs such as soccer dribbling or basketball shooting are offered, as well as group exercise and dance classes like Zumba and hip-hop!  Rock climbing activities incorporate personal challenges for children of all ages!  Students can expect a variety of high energy opportunities in the gym!

The IMAGINE Library provides a reading nook for students looking to embrace a good book!  Book clubs grab student interest in sharing a reading experience with peers.   A literacy instructor is available to help students actively engage and cultivate a love for reading! Personal reading challenges will help build excitement and motivation for even the most reluctant readers.

IMAGINE Academics
The IMAGINE Academics is designed for learning and exploration.  Students have the opportunity to complete daily homework in a quiet and meaningful manner.  Academic clubs focused on geography, math, and science engage both the eager student and the reluctant learner.  Academic challenge programs support specific areas of concentration where children have the opportunity to challenge themselves to learn more about subject areas of interest.  Science experiments, research projects, and puzzle solving will be the crux of IMAGINE Academic Room!

IMAGINE Art is a hub of creative ideas and exploration.  Students have the opportunity to create both daily and ongoing art projects, study art history, and explore their own creations through all different types of mediums.  IMAGINE Art is a creative place where children are encouraged to share their own ideas and perspectives.

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